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Silicon metal (Si 97%) market price has fallen near the cost line

January 11, 2019

Yunnan Longyang Jinhua Silicon Products Factory(

The recent decline of silicon metal (Si 97%) market is relatively rapid, and the actual delivery of goods by the manufacturers have slowed down compared with the earlier period, and most traders make shipments actively. Although the current price is close to the cost line, it is still difficult to change its weak situation in a short time. We still should maintain our sanities despite of the low market prices. Currently, silicon metal (Si 97%) price is around FOB Tianjin port 1500/MT , several manufacturers are still delivering orders to old customers. However, we are basically in the state of non-quotation in recent times, and they make shipments according to actual transaction orders of downstream customers. In the case of controllable production, if below the cost, we will stop or cut production, so there is limited room for the price decline in the high silicon market.
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